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About PDS Organization

For a short introduction, Perspective Development Skills (PDS) is a Community Organization located in Jendele, Zanzibar. The main objective of PDS is job creation. In order to achieve this goal, we empower the local people living in the rural areas of Zanzibar by providing skills and access to additional education opportunities. We target women and the youth because they are the most impacted by unemployment issues.

PDS Zanzibar had been working successfully for three years to improve the life standards of local people in the rural areas of Zanzibar. It has involved a lot of work undertaken by local members and international volunteers from all over the world to overcome social problems and to support rural development.

As Zanzibar Eco-Friend Tours, We are working with PDS Organization to to bring tourists and local community together for mutual benefit making both tourists and the local community participate inprotecting environment, natural resources and cultural heritage
for the long life of Zanzibar Island. Every year, PDS organization welcomes people from different backgrounds and with various skills to join different community programs. If you would like to be part of them or know more about this organization please contact us or visit their website directly:

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