Land Activities

Stone Town Tour

Book private guided tour to explore the history of Zanzibar Stone Town, where we will take you to the all must see places. Visit the hustle and bustle of…

Tuk Tuk Tour

We will show you the most outstanding places in Zanzibar, its people, its customs, its tastes and traditions. We start our trip with historical building in Stone in the center of the town …

Swahili Kitchen

We liketo offer a real Zanzibarian experience, as local family came up and introduce “Swahili Kitchen” some thing new in Stone Town, “Sahani” is a local family home kitchen that offers taste of local and traditional Swahili dishes..

Spice Tour

A unique opportunity to visit the local spice plantation areas the same way Sultan of Zanzibar have done , get involved with the farmers .who will show you the traditional spices of…

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani Forest is located approximately 35 km southeast of Zanzibar township in the southern region. it is a a narrow neck between Chwaka Bay in the north and Uzi Bay to the South. it contains about 100 species of trees…

Bicycle Tour

This is the best ways to experience the landscape smell the air and gain the Zanzibar feeling – warm wind in your hair, groups of excited children yelling Jambo after you and ox cars with enormous mountain of load truly street life…

East Coast Tour

Is a full day trip to the East North of Zanzibar. that gives you a lot experience from Zanzibar local villages, stop by Jozani ..forest for a 1 .30 hrs to visit the home of red colobus monkeys and afterwards you will continue to visit Paje beach for 30 min …

North Coast Tour

Nungwi is a historical village located at northern end of the Unguja (Zanzibar) Island, its popular for the endless white sand beach and crystal clear sea water, tradition dhow building yard, the marine turtle pond and coral reefs with colorful fishes…

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